Past Life Regression Workshop

past life regression hypnotherapy workshop

You are so much more then what is here and now. Your soul is vast and immensely powerful, once you begin to feel and understand this for yourself you allow limits and old conditioning to fall away. When you know in your own heart the true reality of who you are and not just what you have been conditioned to see, you start to re connect to your true abundance and soul purpose. You are amazing, you are free, you are divine.

This workshop is a leap into who you really are, dissolving the glue that has bound you to limit and pain. If you are a master healer or a person just stepping out into the unknown, we are here to support you and keep you safe in your discovery of self and divine principle of who you really are.

Over the years we have help thousands of people soften into their joy and raise their vibrational state into their soul purpose. Past life, future life and guidance exploration is a powerful and life changing experience of self. Know this for yourself, don’t take someone else’s word for it.


I have been asked “what if I see myself doing things I don’t like? ”

Your higher soul offers you experiences that can bring about profound healing, sometimes they open negative feelings and other times what we experience is beautiful and freeing. Either way you are supported and gently but firmly brought back into this life, here and now. Your feelings are supported and balanced within the time you are here. If needed we sometimes offer you flower essences to continue the support process at home. This is why classes are small. You are amazing and your higher self understands you and everything about you. This workshop helps bring you back into connection with yourself so as you step back into your everyday life you have a deeper understanding of your own innate support system.

This amazing workshop runs over 3 consecutive Monday nights starting 8th or

one 5 hr Sat afternoon session 12pm – 4pm on 13th 2016.

You will join in 3 hypno sessions
* Past Life
* Future Life
* Spirit guide connection.

PLUS there will be discussions on past life regression and how it works.
How to do it safely and how to ask the right questions to get the answers you want.

Most of us want direction and healing. This can definitely be achieved by this workshop.

If you want serious answers or are just curious about this profound therapy you are welcome to join.
The groups are strictly very small to help you get the maximum benefit.

Due the small numbers and demand for the spots all tickets must be prepaid  through the links below or instore.

Monday sessions –  
Register Now

$75 for the three Monday night sessions (3 × 1.5 hr)
6pm – 7.30pm


Saturday 13th Full session –Register Now

Investment: $67 for Sat session (4 hrs)

For more information on the private sessions where you not only access past lives but also have a conversation with your higher self that can include instant healing and profound understandings .Please visit here now




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