Candle Magic – Making Candles With Intent

fairytale apothecary 5Candle Creation with intent is an amazing workshop that enlightens you with the tools and knowledge to make your own candles to use in prayer and everyday life. Candles that help bring about your desires and intent.

Over thousands of years candles have been used to set the mood and unleash the inner power of our inner selves. Connecting us with the divine.

In this beautiful and fun 3hr workshop you will discover:

  • how to easily create base candles from differing waxes and oils
  • you can consciously create with essential oils, flowers, crystals and symbols incorporated into the waxes
  • which extras to add for your desires, how to trust yourself
  • how to do it safely
  • Create sacred space in your home or give it as a gorgeous gift of love and friendship

Include is a chart of ingredients so you can easily decide what to use to create your desire and how much of each to use.

Some tried and true recipes, including, love, joy, banish, protect, welcome, tranquil, abundance, clear, emergency and feast blends.