Welcome, Do you love natural form wood and crystals? Stephen Green is a qualified Award Winning cabnit maker and craftsman. We are offering his services to create one off designs especially for you.

Personalised bed heads and master crafted furniture. Crystal inlays and natural form wood. One offs designed for you. More pics to come. Great prices award winning wood craftsman made in sunny coast hinterland. 

Stephen has created everything from chopping boards to Bed Heads and Doors. All personally painstakingly crafted into remarkable unique pieces. His much sort after work is now in Paris and America and all over Australia.

Working with his wife Kellie a crystal healer he combines specific crystal to create a desired feeling and effect in each piece.

If you don’t like crystals and would like a simpler wooden design that is fine as well.

All creations come with a certificate of authenticity.

Please contact us with any inquires.


Stephen and his young apprentice in action. This beautiful board became an engagement present.17457513_10211245906477920_2327777444450268388_n Floating shelf head board made from She Oak 17522554_10211245906557922_4448729915203364146_n 17522989_10211245906997933_4641594799510941672_n

Inlayed with Lepidolite, Aventurine, Amethyst and Moonstone for peaceful restorative sleep and  healing dreams.17553897_10211245907157937_4319947882764445473_n

handcrafted wood board with crystal inlay

How amazing is this bread board. Made from mango wood and inlaid with selenite.

various tumbled ornamental stones with names isolated on white background

Choose your crystals from our wide range. Create a unique and divine space in your home or an amazing one off present for someone you care about.

various polished gemstones with names isolated on white background

various raw gemstones and crystals with names isolated on white background



This is one of my favourite boards that we have made.


Large Camphor board with fushite inlay. Stephen likes to chose wood with this ripple effect. It comes from pieces that are at the juncture of the trunk and branches.




A bed of Amethyst crystal and fushite. The resin used to encase the crystals applies pressure on the stones thus amplifying their healing effects. Charge up your food! Or just enjoy the gorgeous colours.