Do you want to reclaim the power to birth and grow your children in high vibrations of love and potential?

sacred birth balance welcome birth

Hello beautiful women.

Learn to dive deep into this earthly experience and connect your soul lovingly wildly back into your body and life.
Making the choice to birth another human into this world is absolutely epic, brave and so deep that your light and radiance is essential.

Strengthen your connection to your divine, her never ending well of power and radiance

So how do you do grow in the ancient feminine archetype of the birthing mother? Especially in the world as we live it today?

You flow back into your core, ease and release your pain and limitations. You learn the tools of sacred feminine power.

Sacred Birth Balancing is healing through experience of the deep divine women within you. Feeling and connecting with your own power so you know her and can find her in the face of all situations. This is your story, your baby has chosen to be birthed by you, you are empowered to expand and step into your truly magnificent soul.

At the same time you become a part of the new wave of women coming back to the earth in a soulful and joyous way of birthing and family experience. You are helping to birth a new future for all the earth. Women and communities raising happy empowered families, connected to the deep heart and filled with joy and potential. Truly changing the world starting at home. Even if that isn’t something that you have thought about, every women who reconnects to her essential self and brings her children into the world is healing and upleveling the earth.

Prepare Your Body

Your body will blossom and change drastically over the coming months. Sacred birth sessions will help you flow with these changes and discover the wonder of being a pregnant women. You have the chance to explore the magic of your womb, breasts and prepare your whole body for the transition from maiden to mother. Each part of you holds keys to your unique gifts and strengths. Learn to release, grow and transform with ease and grace.

Powerful, delicate, deep, healthy, erotic, glorious, grounded and curious.

Each session meets you where you are, activates your soul medicine and connects you with your unique gifts as a women and birthing mother.

  • Eases fear
  • Connects with baby
  • Connects with Partner
  • Empowers your body, spirit and mind to birth in harmony
  • Prepares you for the expansion of parenting and birth
  • Heals through experience
  • Gives you the tools to balance in everyday life
  • Connects you to your feminine and masculine balance
  • Helps you birth the future of humanity soulfully and joyfully
  • Know that you can do it and are part of a soulfilled community of women world wide
  • Know that what you desire has truth and is achievable
  • Know how to face the old paradigms so they melt away in the light of your purpose
  • Maintain your integrity  when dealing with deep fear, your and others
  • Learn methods to help you transform your body into a healthy birthing women
  • Experience the joy of transformation and life

I am always happy to have a chat to see if we can work together. Click on the link below and fill in the contact form, I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Packages available.

Sessions are done in person or online video conferencing from the comfort of your own home.
You will be given your own session workbook to record your new wisdom and map your journey.

Single sessions $150 each session for approx. 1 1/2 hours

A package of 4 sessions $480 for approx. 1 1/2 hours each session

A package of 8 sessions $960 for approx. 1 1/2 hours each session, great for when your partner is balancing as well.

You are welcome to have as many as suits you and your journey.
They can be done in person or over skype.