White Light Dose Kit

Powerful Essence kit of 7 essences to help you transcend and grow spiritually. Highly recommended.

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This Kit consists of 7 essences

Water, Earth, Fire, Air, Higher Self, Devic, Angelic.

You are also provided with a journal and access to an online blog so you can keeping contact with others who are taking the essences. A detailed list of what each essence does and how to take them will be included.
There are no side effects and White Light Essences can be taken with any medication without causing problems.

What will happen is subtle and very powerful.The best way for me to describe it is it is like taking the lift instead of the stairs concerning your spiritual development. Everyone of my clients who has taken the essence kit has been very happy they did.

Please contact me if you have any questions.

Who the kit is good for:

Practitioners wanting to expand their awareness and grow

If you are feeling stuck and desire to move forward and step up to bigger things

Anyone on the spiritual path, these essence are deffinatly not restricted to any particular religion.

White Light Essences

“The White Light Essences have been brought through by Spirit to help us invoke and access the realm of Nature and Spirit

within ourselves so as to more fully explore and understand our spirituality and fulfil our highest potential.  This project has taken me over four years to complete and has led me on a journey to some of the most remote and sacred locations around the world. During the past twenty years I have researched and developed the Australian Bush Flower Essences.

They have been a stepping stone to bring me to the point in my growth and spirituality where I have been able to make the White Light Essences. They were made with the utmost integrity, humility and love, it is in that spirit that I commend and offer them to you.

In Much Love, Light and Respect

Ian White ”



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