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Soap Alchemy Course Options

Live Onsite Workshops

Regularly throughout the year we run live workshops at the Harmony Wellness Center.
To see what is coming up please visit our store now.

Online Workshops

You have a choice of 3 different courses.
Depending on what you are interested in there is an option for you.

Soap Creations

If you are interested only in making hard bar soaps from scratch.
You will learn how to safely create your own hard soaps, understanding the chemistry and process. You will also discover how to use melt and pour soaps to modify them to suit your needs.

Liquid Soap Alchemy

Do you want to make and create your own liquid soaps and cleansers?
Liquid soaps are easier to add healing ingredients to and modify.
Learn to create them from scratch or use good quality base liquid soaps.
Also covered is laundry liquid and household cleaners.

Sacred Bathing Alchemy

This is for you is you would like both of the above courses and to dive deeper into the spiritual and medicinal side of cleansing and bathing.
This course is divine, practical, fun and full of healing and abundance.
You will learn all the above 2 course information then be able to have a deeper understanding of the power of cleansing in keeping the mind, body, soul & space in balance.
We cover Sacred Space clearing & how to reset your energy after being around and caring for others.

You will have tools to balance your family and integrate this over the seasons and life’s ups and downs.
A truly beautiful course set out in easy to follow modules, it will change your life.

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