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Wow as I sit to write about this my mind just doesn’t know where to start. There are so many ways to free your soul and so many crystals to help you raise to the experience. It is very like, how do you paint a picture?

That leads me to think about how is your soul ever not Free? I realise this is a huge topic with no simple answer. But then Manango Calcite comes to mind. Simple and pure, like a marshmallow in her softness with a calcite’s direct ability to balance the physical body and emotions. When we let go of pain and truama, soften into our human experience our soul comes alive.

Then Labradorite catches my eye, it is never very far from me at home or in my clinic. This awesome stone helps you to dislodge other peoples energy from your body mind and spirit. What a gift! To know how you feel without others expectation hanging over your head. The first time I used this crystal I was drawn to buy an unpolished peice which was a bit ugly. I was heavily pregnant with my third child, my dog Daisii who had been with me for 15yrs, had just died, my hubby was away working 3weeks out of every 4. I lived on an acre lot in a semi suburban town. Yep! so lots was going on and I wasn’t sleeping, every noise or living thing that moved through or past my unfenced block woke me.

I bought the Labradorite and put it under my pillow. That night I slept like a log. My absolute love for this crystal had begun. I have since discovered that not only does it remove, quite completely, others influences, Labradorite ignites a light in me that brings in the magic of my potential. No more boarders to stop me, no more glass ceilings. Actually those thoughts don’t even show up, when I spend time with labradorite I experience a shift in my focus. You become more aware of what it is that makes you happy and you just do that. No drama, just the magic of your soul shining her light and having an explore.

Labradorite freeform

Sometimes we have been so entrenched in expectation and what is “right and wrong” that moving into a place of soul freedom is completely alien. We don’t even understand that it is an option let alone an achievable way of being. We feel that there is something else and we know we are restricted. Trying to find that place of joy just adds more stress. This is when Green Aventurine  comes into her own. The bridge builder, the bringer of joy and luck! I have a big bit of Green Aventurine sitting on my kids craft table in the lounge room. Bring on the joy and harmony I say. Gurudas (a channeled being of great crystine knowledge) explains that Green Aventurine helps us harmonise the experience of the years from birth to around 7. All that gritty childhood stuff where we didn’t get that people suck sometimes and it really isn’t because we are bad. The years where often our soul get shoved to the back and forcefully packed under rules and regulations. As we grow up most of the time it is decades, if ever, before we start to invite our soul back in.
Green Aventurine is the lovely cleaning lady who sings while she unpacks our boxes of “Do Nots, and shut ups and must hides”. So if you need a bridge to cross the great divide between being soulful and luminous and where you are at the moment get yourself some of this amazing and really cheap stone.

Well that was easier then I thought, when I started to write this it felt a bit overwhelming. I have decided I will create a series on freeing our souls. I can hear my household starting to wake and soon I’ll be covered in fruitsalad and hugs. So I’ll sign off here and write some about it tomorrow.

Get playing with your crystals and come into Crystal Consciousness and tell us what you are feeling.

Love you very much,


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