Welcome and thank you for your interest.

Your body is the physical manifestation of your soul mixed with human blue print.
How you feel what you do and how you think create how your body functions.

I offer you an outside guidance back into the freedom and flow of harmonious, body & consciousness integration.
What that means is I help your body release and rebalance thoughts, emotions, patterns of movement eg. computer arm. While helping you remember and feel your inner guidance, which is never wrong. We often loose site of our inner selves and become enmeshed in everyone else’s stories. These sessions are about bringing your body and soul back into alignment. What ever shape that takes.

Each treatment is individual to your specific needs at the time. I offer my highly trained assessment of physiology blended with my deep intuitive understanding of how our souls exist within our bodies.

I blend science and 18 years of clinical practice with seeing the real you with out judgement. Helping you to re calibrate and relax back into enjoyment of life and flow.

60min session $100
120min sesseion $150 This is my preferred treatment, often the hour isn’t enough, trust me your body will thank you.

I am qualified and practice a number of therapies and often mix them into a tailored pattern of movements just for you.

I do packs of 4 x 90min for $480 so you save $120.
The reason I love the 4 pack is because you commit to yourself and give your body and soul some support and healing over time instead of once in a blue moon. The advantages of this are life changing.

Cranial Sacral and meridian therapy, sports massage and Paul Chek training, kahuna and aromatherapy as well as ortho bionomy are a few of the therapies I offer.

You will come away with tools specific to you at the present moment, to help you at home as well as having the time spent in clinic with me.

Here are some videos I found to help describe some of these therapies

Cranial sacral ( I usually end most treatments with this and love the results)

Paul Chek  Paul has change the quality of my work drastically. I understand now why most dysfunction occurs and how to fix it long term.

Sabrina Dobe reviewed Joyous Earth — 5 star
October 22, 2017

Thank you Kellie for such an awesome session. Lovely relaxing massage and helping me to reconnect with my body. You picked up on things even i wasn’t voicing. So very insightful. Will be breathing the pink from now on and following all your little tips.

Anna Oliver reviewed Joyous Earth — 5 star
February 7, 2016

Always fabulous, healing massages. Kellie is Magical 

Katrina Litherland reviewed Joyous Earth — 5 star
February 25, 2015

Just wanted to say thanks to Kellie for a very healing massage… had the best sleep in months after my massage yesterday. I don’t know how you did it but my body thanks you.