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Within you is the substance of EVERYTHING you are in all your manifested and soon to be manifested forms. Science calls it epigenetics, Chinese medicince calls it Jing and I call it connection with our spirits.

It is possible for us to heal and rebalance, grow and reform our bodies and minds. The only catch is that for a long time now we have been taught that we need to buy that health or go to the doctors to have them tell us what we need, giving away to a source outside of us our true power.

Your body is your story manifested into form, all your past thoughts and emotions have created and altered your physical form. Your face is an excellent micro map of your whole body.

This reading incorporates facial reading with easy to follow spiritual practice. This will help you to understand the patterns and epigenetics that have created and are creating your life experience. How to balance and grow into health using your true inner power, to dismantle past patterns of belief showing up on your face while strengthening healthy choices.

How it works:

You purchase a report then email me 3 photos {info given on order form}.

I scheduled you into my clinic time and create your report.

I email you back your comprehensive report and balance plan.

What you get:

  1. Facial reading of prominent patterns showing
  2. Understanding of the overall and specific patterns of emotion and beliefs showing
  3. Facial reflexology points to support transformation
  4. Pattern clearing techniques specific to your personal profile
  5. Supporting Techniques for harmonizing and growth into healthy physical manifestation of your personal profile
  6. I use my intuitive senses and 20 years clinical experience to bring it all together to create a map of the past and then potential healing and clearing tools for you. Each report is different and depends on you and what comes through for you in particular.

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Some of the pattern clear techniques I offer for you to choice from

  • Breath work
  • Time line clearing
  • Meditations
  • Essential oils
  • Vibrational Elixirs
  • Movement
  • Herbal treatments
  • Bowel clearing

organic lavender oil

Some of the supporting techniques I offer for you to choice from

  • Elixirs
  • Bath recipes
  • Food recipes
  • Breath work
  • Meditation
  • Movement
  • Essential oils
  • Crystal