Energy of Abundance Balance

$120 for 1.5hrs

past life regression,qhht, higher self

Each of us has soul centers, much like chakras, that we store and transform energy into day to day living. Energy straight from our soul or “big self”, that moves into slower vibrations so we can function on earth.

Due to the simple act of living on earth in societies and with the structures of learning we have developed we all hold memories and patterns that either restrict us or liberate us. These patterns are stored in our bodies, chakras and soul centers.

This beautiful and powerful balance is like a spring clean and freshen up of our centers so we can start from a place of less baggage and renewal of what we believe to be true. It helps us to release things we often don’t even know are holding us in patterns that no longer serve us.

Energy for Abundance Balance is a time of re connection with your soul and deeply transformative. If you feel drawn to stepping back into your power in a truly loving and infinitely abundant way this is for you.

Each session is individual to you as we journey into your empowered and divine and vastly expansive self. You are more then you are experiencing today. You are safe, you are healed, fun, joyous and ok. Get your energy flowing in the directions you want again, maybe even re evaluate what your purpose is altogether.



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